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The first step in successfully dealing with a mould issue is to perform a comprehensive mould inspection of the affected premises.

Undertaking the initial inspection is vital on order to ensure that once the Mould Treatment is completed, you are well informed as to the cause of the issue and how to avoid the issue of mould occurring again in the future.

Once we have spoken regarding your concern, a suitable time is then made with you to perform the Mould Inspection and a booking confirmation is then emailed through to you accordingly.

Our onsite inspections take around 45 minutes to 1 hour to carry out depending on the needs of the property. In essence, it is a mini building inspection that is dedicated to mould.

The inspection is very thorough as to ensure the source of the mould problem is identified, health risks are recorded and solutions are compiled.

Once we have completed the onsite inspection, a report is then generated and emailed to you accordingly

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