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Enjoy the many benefits a truly healthy indoor environment can provide. Using our proven system we are able to provide you with the best possible living environment usually within the space of a day. All you have to do is meet us in the morning to let us in and return home when the work is complete to your fresh new home.

Once your Mould Inspection has been carried out and you have received the report outlining the necessary works required, it’s time to take the next step and have the treatment performed.

Our Lysis Silber gas treatments are all encompassing, environmentally friendly and most of all, highly effective. As the treatment is a gas, it treats absolutely everything within a defined space without exception. The whole purpose of treating your home for mould is to do everything all at once, including your personal items.

Our treatments leave absolutely no residual so there’s no need for washing any of your content items following the treatment as with alternate techniques. You can basically leave your breakfast on the table and come home and eat it if you’d really like, it’s that safe.

All of our internal treatments include specialised vacuuming and wiping of all affected areas and the operation of HEPA Filters during the entire clean-up phase.

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Mould Werx have a proven record of accomplishment with years of valuable experience in the Mould Industry. With thousands of successful treatments and happy customers under our belt, we are one of the most trusted companies servicing the Greater Sydney area today.