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Treating the source of any mould contamination premises is vital as to ensure mould free living is maintained for the many years ahead. Many of our clients have spent years relentlessly cleaning and ventilating their homes yet mould continues to appear in the home.

Subfloors (the area between the floor of your house and the ground below) are often heavily contaminated with mould due to excessive moisture and inadequate ventilation. As subfloors are not readily accessed, they are often overlooked as a cause of a mould problem.

Our Lysis Silber sub-floor treatments are all encompassing, environmentally friendly and most of all, highly effective. The treatment penetrates into the soil, structural timbers, brickwork, up through the cavities and in between all the gaps through your flooring to completely treat the entire sub-floor area, including the airspace. Nothing is missed.

Failure to identify a subfloor mould issue often leads to ongoing health issues and constant appearance of mould, no matter how diligent you maintain the indoor space of your home.

We perform sub-floor treatments for ventilation companies who understand that having a healthy sub-floor is vital to a healthy home. Our treatments are done usually within a one week window of fan installation, depending on the needs of the client.

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