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Mould is always with us. It’s in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the homes we live in.

All we ask is that you do not panic, take a deep breath and give us a call. It’s probably not as bad as you think.

Honest, credible information is what you need when dealing with a mould issue. Mould Werx provides all the necessary information needed to ensure that the living environment you inhabit provides the greatest health benefits for your future.

Many of our clients scare themselves unnecessarily by reading websites that literally say that death is on your doorstep if you don’t act now. Many companies actively promote fear mongering in order to secure business. Not at Mould Werx.

A huge part of our business is education, making you aware if you actually have a problem. Quite regularly we will carry out an inspection and find no significant issues. Other times there may be a minor problem for which we advise how to rectify yourself, if it can be done in a safe and efficient manner.

If our services are required as the work required needs professional treatment, we not only perform that treatment but provide you with all the required information to ensure that once we leave you are sufficiently educated in how to maintain that environment indefinitely.

Mould obviously presents a serious health concern with some symptoms possibly lasting your entire life. This does not mean that every form of mould is going to be detrimental to your health.

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Mould Werx have a proven record of accomplishment with years of valuable experience in the Mould Industry. With thousands of successful treatments and happy customers under our belt, we are one of the most trusted companies servicing the Greater Sydney area today.