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Excessive moisture within the structure (walls, ceilings, floors) and content items provide a source from which mould and bacteria can form. All it takes is 48 hours following a major water incursion for mould to flourish. Effectively drying the premises within this time period will minimise significant loss and avoid serious health issues.

Elevated moisture readings in the structure not due to a flood event can include rising or lateral damp, leaking plumbing, poor drainage and gutter failure.

All of these can contribute to elevated moisture levels within the structure which will encourage mould growth. To remedy this, the source issue must be rectified then the appropriate structural drying performed.

Utilising the latest DRIEAZ drying equipment, dehumidifiers and fans are installed and left to run for usually 3 to 4 days depending on the severity of the moisture penetration

Structural Drying is vital when required, but it must be done at the correct time. NEVER initiate this process when there is still active mould present.

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