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Mould Werx provides services to a large range of clients including:

Residential Home Owners. With the home being the place we spend most of our lives, having a healthy indoor environment is the best investment you could make. We create environments that ensure you and your family can truly enjoy a happy healthy life, free from mould related concerns.

Renters. Rental properties are often more prone to issues with mould as landlords often neglect to have the necessary repairs done to the property. Whilst it is their obligation, along with the Real Estate Agent to provide a healthy living environment, this obligation is sometimes not met. As such, we provide services to those who are renting as required.

Real Estate & Strata.  Having a professional dedicated Mould company inspect and possibly treat a rental property is vital to ensure that not only are the tenants living in a safe environment, but the agent and Landlord are not put at risk of further action by the tenant.

Construction & Commercial.  Unforeseen events can and do occur. Building a new home and the framework is exposed to the elements for too long, unexpected water event caused damage to a building site or commercial property. These treatments are regularly undertaken with great success, providing minimisation of down time and greatly reducing additional costs.

Child care facilities. With young immune systems still developing, we provide the safest environment for kids to learn, play and grow without unnecessary health concerns.

Aged care facilities. With elderly immune systems deteriorating, we assist by providing the elderly with the best possible environment in which to enjoy their finer years.

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Mould Werx have a proven record of accomplishment with years of valuable experience in the Mould Industry. With thousands of successful treatments and happy customers under our belt, we are one of the most trusted companies servicing the Greater Sydney area today.